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WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I

WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I
WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I
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Release: June 2020

4x - 5cm Straight Stone Walls
3x - 5cm Straight Plaster Walls
4x - 5cm Straight Stone Interior Walls
6x - 5cm Straight Plaster Interior Walls
1x - 2.5cm Exterior Stone Wall Doors
1x - 2.5cm Exterior Plaster Wall Doors
1x - 5cm Exterior Stone Wall Door
1x - 5cm Exterior Plaster Wall Door
2x - 2.5cm Stone Interior Wall Door
2x - 2.5cm Plaster Interior Wall Door
4x – Stone Corner Pillars
4x – Wood Corner Pillars
1x - Inside Corner, Stone Wall
1x - Inside Corner, Plaster Wall
1x - Outside Corner Stone Wall
1x - Outside Corner Plaster Wall
50x - WarLock Clips

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