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Castles & Crusades: Monsters & Treasures Complete

Castles & Crusades: Monsters & Treasures Complete
Castles & Crusades: Monsters & Treasures Complete
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 Beyond the walls of your safekeeping lie untold stories, tales of heroes, tales of glory. There, just beyond the battlements and the safety of stone walls, they lurk. Beneath the darkened folds of night s cold grasp, where the wind sweeps, and the sun shines, there lie the iron of your renown: monsters. Creatures of terrible wrath, or beasts of legend, these are all the minstrels fare. Dragons, giants, orcs, foul minded fey, the dreaded hydra, all lurk on the far side of safety s walls. Beyond the walls lie monsters and the terror of them promises wreck and ruin, or, for a lucky few, riches in treasure, magic hard won and a glory that echoes for an eternity in song and poem. Contained within this book is a wealth of information for the Castle Keeper: 205 monsters, advice on role playing monsters, handling combat with monsters, creating monsters, 200 unique treasures, rules for awarding treasures and creating magic items.

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