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Is this the ideal game for me ?It is the ideal game to make your first step into the world of board games!A Game for the whole family with challenging levels for both beginners and advanced players.Meet them heroes of KOSMOGONIA 2086 based on Greek mythology and ancient story!A new world of super he..
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Sabotage is a game of team stealth tactics. Two teams compete, with spies trying to save the world and the villains trying to stop them. Spies must be clever and quiet, while the villains must deduce and hunt.The game is played on a 4x4 grid. Both teams have their own copy of the map, separated..
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Estimated release date: April 2022Everyone in Kulbak has heard rumor of secret passages that run beneath the prison. Ages ago, the catacombs carved into these mountains were used to house fallen heroes. Queen Gimnax built a prison over this sacred site during the Great War, enclosing those ghosts an..
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At the moment German troops launched their surprise invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu declared a “holy war” against the Communist regime. A half-million Romanian soldiers participated in these early campaigns, fighting fierce battles in Bessarabia, at Odessa ..
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Release: July 2020 In 1697 the Sun King, Louis XIV, emerged from a decade of war with his Continental ambitions still unsatisfied. Meanwhile, King William III of England sat easier on his new throne than he ever had before. With the Spanish succession crisis unresolved and looming, there were no ..
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Lockup: A Roll Player Tale is a competitive worker-allocation game for one to five players. In the game, players manage groups of minions -- gnolls, kobolds, bugbears, goblins, or insectoids -- locked up in Kulbak Prison. Each round, players try to keep their suspicion from the guards under control ..
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A 100,000-strong Ottoman army arrives outside the Habsburg capital of Vienna. Inside the city, 12,000 infantry, a city militia, and citizen-soldiers mount a desperate defense. As the Ottoman siege lines draw closer to the city walls, the outnumbered Viennese cling to the faint hope a relief force wi..
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Estimated release date: January 20221482. For the past few centuries, the Iberian Peninsula has been a complex battlefield of crossed interests, kings' ambitions and noblemen's intrigues. The Muslim power, once uncontested under Cordoba's Caliphate banners, lies languidly in the last Moor stron..
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A vengeful samurai has risen from beyond the grave, seeking the ruin of the Empress that betrayed him. In search of three imperial treasures, the spirit ravages all in his wake. Now the Empress must call upon her three most trusted hunters to locate the Ravager before he exacts his vendetta.Hunt the..
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The classic two-player game of naval combat and deduction! In head-to-head battle, you search for the enemy's fleet of ships and destroy them one by one. No ship is safe in this game of stealth and suspense. Try to protect your own fleet while you annihilate your opponent. It' s a battle t..
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The Deluge is a Panzer Grenadier expansion book focused on the battles of September 1939 between Poland's defenders and the German and Soviet invaders. There are 40 new scenarios featuring battles of cavalry against cavalry, a couple of tank battles, and best of all World War Two’s only fight betwee..
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The head-to-head game of deployment, deduction and deception Break the deadlock in the final days of war. Victory will hinge on the actions of a handful of men – and we women spies… Go head-to-head as you secretly select soldiers with different abilities to engage the enemy. Each of you will h..
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Release: September 2020 In The Court of Miracles, players will lead a guild of beggars, scheme with sinister plots, and use trickery to build their renown all in an attempt to take over 16th century Paris. The first player to place all of their Renown tokens is the winner. Players use worker plac..
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Release date: June 2020 A new team for Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter bringing the Dark Judges to Mega-City One, along with an encounter mode that adds solo play to the game. The expansion includes the following: 4 Miniatures 5 Oversized cards 39 Playing Cards ..
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In Captain Sonar, up to eight players take on roles manning a submarine in a fierce battle against rival players. Captain Sonar: Upgrade One adds new elements to the base game, including five new scenarios, two new weapons, eight erasable markers, and different ways to play the Captain and Radio Ope..
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The year is 1000 C.E., the middle of the medieval period. The European continent is constantly at war as competing political factions try to control Europe through military might and political intrigue. In Swords & Sails, players control one of these factions in a bid to conquer Europe. Build arm..
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Medieval Realms is an economic euro game for 2 to 5 players. Each player will asume the role of a medieval king. You will have to make your decisions to develope your own realm. The game will be played during 8 to 12 rounds. On each round players will have 2 different phases. In the first phas..
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The leader of the criminal underworld of Axia, the “Queen,” is no more. Seeking to succeed her and become the new Queen are the leaders of two of the most ruthless syndicates: The White Rose and The Black Rose.In the dieselpunk edition of Long Live the Queen, the simple yet engaging mechanisms of th..
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Release: 2018 Narcos: The Board Game, which is based on the television series Narcos, puts players in the roles of the series' most powerful characters and factions as they rewrite the story behind the rise and fall of El Patrón. One person acts as El Patrón, managing a growing narcotics empire w..
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Pack of extra score pads for Clockwork Wars Board Game. ..
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Release: 2015 The second of two bonus tilesets created for the Clockwork Wars Kickstarter. This expansion consists of four new tiles: Two Gulag tiles, which are used to capture and remove enemy soldiers. Two Dynamo tiles, which provide potent scoring opportunities. Also included is a dou..
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Release: 2015 The first of two bonus tilesets created for the Clockwork Wars Kickstarter. This expansion consists of four new tiles: Two Academy tiles, which are used to generate additional workers. Two Volcano tiles, which erupt and cause chaos and destruction. Also included is a double..
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Release: June 2018 Dance of the Fireflies' is a 2-6 player card game in which players striving to be the next royal gardener bid on flowers around a sundial in an attempt to create the most beautiful gardens and win the coveted title...
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In Brides & Bribes, a strategy game played over six rounds, each player takes the role of a powerful family of Genoa. Carefully employing your family members, each of whom has a unique ability, is the key to your success. Each round, you plan send your family members to the Genoese boroughs to hire..
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Specter Ops: Broken Covenant is a standalone game set in the Specter Ops universe that puts two to five players in the middle of a war that's fought in the shadows. Corporate secrets linger within the corridors of Raxxon's abandoned headquarters and, even though the base is empty, it is not forgott..
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In Evolution, players adapt their species in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce and predators lurk. Traits like Hard Shell and Horns will protect your species from Carnivores, while a Long Neck will help them get food that others cannot reach. With over 4,000 ways to evolve your species, every..
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The letter that begins with the famous expression "Dear Boss" was received on September 1888, Thursday the 27th, by the press agency Central News Agency of London, which delivered it to Scotland Yard two days later. It was written in red and contained many macabre details that they could not be igno..
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In Captain Sonar, you and your teammates control a state-of-the-art submarine and are trying to locate an enemy submarine in order to blow it out of the water before they can do the same to you. Every role is important, and the confrontation is merciless. Be organized and communicate because a capta..
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Get ready to enter the poor and dreary Whitechapel district in London 1888 – the scene of the mysterious Jack the Ripper murders – with its crowded and smelly alleys, hawkers, shouting merchants, dirty children covered in rags who run through the crowd and beg for money, and prostitutes – called "th..
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Players are opposing gods from Greek mythology, Hera and Zeus, bent on destroying each other because each kidnapped the other's favorite mortal. Players lay out cards in opposite three-column, four-row matrices. Cards on the leading edges of the opposing columns can be used to attack, which means th..
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