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Carnival Zombie is a co-operative board game for 1 to 6 players, following a group of characters who are fleeing on terra firma from a sinking city overrun by zombies. Players control this party of heroes as they fight their way to one of the possible escape routes out of the city. During the night ..
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Estimated release time: June 2023When the zombie plague strikes, not even Earth’s mightiest heroes are safe. Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, based on the core mechanics of the smash hit Zombicide series, bringing non-stop zombie action to the Marvel universe. The origi..
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Estimated release time: June 2023Marvel Zombies: Guardians of the Galaxy Set – A Zombicide Game is an expansion for Marvel Zombies that adds a roster of space-dwelling characters to the game, including the ragtag members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This band of living and zombie heroes must all ..
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Estimated release time: June 2023Marvel Zombies: Fantastic 4: Under Siege – A Zombicide Game is an expansion for Marvel Zombies introducing the last stand of the Fantastic 4 against their zombie nemesis, which can be experienced in both Zombie Mode and Hero Mode. Featuring Super Heroes, Zombie Heroe..
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Estimated release time: June 2023In Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, the hunger takes hold after many superheroes in the Marvel Universe have been turned into zombies. You play as these infected heroes and will be eating people to satisfy your hunger...and objectives within the game.Marvel Zombicid..
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Usually, the different alien races in the galaxy don't get along too well. They might not engage in outright war, but they don't invite each other over for dinner, either. However, when a menace threatens everyone equally, they'll quickly band together to fight it. The Xenos on PK-L7 certainly count..
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When Xenium was first found on PK-L7, it seemed like humanity’s dream. Now, it’s a nightmare. Thankfully, the humans have nightmares of their own to send against the marauding aliens. They’re the Black Ops squad, and they’re going to get as many survivors out of that hellhole as they can. Zombici..
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It’s a new age of exploration as humanity stretches out among the stars. But a truly effective and reliable energy source was still just beyond reach. That is, until Xenium was found on PK-L7. This substance, buried deep in the bowels of the planet, was set to revolutionize space travel, and humanit..
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Release: 2018 Resident Evil 2 is a cooperative board game where you play as the characters and scenarios from the hit video game from Capcom. Fight iconic monsters such as the Licker and use characters like Leon, Claire, or Tofu. Travel from the police station to the underground Umbrella Laborato..
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In Tiny Epic Zombies, survivors are always on the run, collecting weapons, killing Zombies and working toward completing objectives. Completing 3 objectives can win you the game but if you're too focused on the objectives, the Zombies will overrun the mall and that will be the end of you. ..
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Skull Trackers for use with Zombicide. ..
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Zombicide: Black Plague takes the zombie apocalypse into a fantastical medieval setting! The arcane powers of the Necromancers have unleashed a zombie invasion in the age of swords and sorcery, and it's up to your group of straggling survivors to not only stay alive during these dark times, but to t..
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This box contains 12 Zombivor versions of the 12 survivors included in the Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue base set. It also includes 6 spawn cards and the rules to spawn zombivors on the board as The Lost. The Lost Any Zombivor figure that is out of play can be used to represent a Lost. In that ro..
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Chronicles Survivor Set brings 12 Survivors figures and ID cards to be played with Zombicide: 2nd Edition, as well as bring Zombicide: Chronicles RPG to a deeper level of immersion, featuring the characters that you choose to face the zombie apocalypse with in glorious plastic form!12 Survivors figu..
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Estimated release time: June 2023Marvel Zombies: Hydra Resurrection – A Zombicide Game is an expansion for Marvel Zombies in both Zombie Mode and Hero Mode. It brings the conflict between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra to new heights. As the chaos between living and zombie heroes rages on, Red Skull attempt..
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Estimated release time: June 2023Marvel Zombies: Clash of the Sinister Six – A Zombicide Game is an expansion for Marvel Zombies that brings an exciting rogues’ gallery into the fray. With former Super Villains joining either side of the battles raging across New York City, from the greens of Centra..
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The Retro Pack is for the old-school Resident Evil fans out there, recreating the artwork and style for each of the item, enemy, and character cards to appear as they did in the classic video game. It also includes a series of additional iconic tiles and scenario items to customize your play experie..
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Estimated release date: October 2021You thought you’d escaped Raccoon City in Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game — but it isn’t over yet. Continue your desperate escape with 9 gripping new scenarios, 3 terrifying new enemy types, and 2 large (and lethal) bosses! That’s over 11 hours of extra game..
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Estimated release date: October 2021Experience the spine-tingling horror of the original video game on your tabletop with Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game, for 1-4 players. Work together to explore iconic locations, manage precious resources, and keep mutated monsters at bay! Taking control of ..
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In Escape: Zombie City, you and your fellow players are survivors of the zombie apocalypse, hiding in a church of a big city. Everything is going great — well, as great as it can be when zombies are all around — but this is all about to change as a big wave of zombies is coming to town, and they wan..
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Release: January 2021 Zombie Teenz Evolution is the sequel to Zombie Kidz Evolution (#1 Kids' Game on BGG). It is a standalone game with a different set of rules, so you don’t need to have played the first game to jump into the second. The rules are slightly more advanced and will require a littl..
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Release: September 2020 The Geneticists and Scientists made a huge mistake. We were arrogant to think that we could play god and contain mother nature. We didn't just bring back the dinosaurs, we also brought back Jurassic viruses and diseases that decimated our population. Now our world has retu..
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Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game
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Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game is a standalone game in the Zombicide franchise based on the George A. Romero movie of the same name. In Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, players take on the role of the movie's main characters, holed up in an isolated house w..
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Until Daylight is a co-operative survival card game. Your goal: Survive ten waves of enemies and save at least one survivor. During the game, you can find and exchange objects, weapons, and ammunition with other characters and build traps or barricades to protect yourself and ensure your survival..
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The Zombicide: Green Horde Friends and Foes expansion brings a lot of new material to games of Black Plague. It contains four new Survivors, plus their ID cards and new equipment. Tagging along are six new Familiars, who can be acquired throughout the game. Their help will be needed to take on the n..
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Adds Birkin Stage One and five bosses to B-Files Expansion. ..
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Resident Evil 2: The Board Game - 4th Survivor Expansion
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The 4th Survivor Expansion includes finely detailed models for HUNK and fan favourite TOFU, as well as a new scenario, additional game boards and item cards allowing you to play 4th Survivor as part of your games of Resident Evil 2™ - The Board Game...
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Release: 2019 Resident Evil 2: Survival Horror is an expansion for Resident Evil 2 Base Game. It contains: 13 Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures 38 Cards 1 Expansion Booklet ..
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Release: 2018 Resident Evil 2: B-files is an expansion for Resident Evil 2 Base Game. Expansion contains: 2 boss models, 1 evolved licker model, 8 zombie models, 10+ double sided gaming tiles, 20+ item cards, boss dials for tracking damage, additional tension cards, 15+ boss behavior cards. ..
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The second Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features 13 new Outbreak! (blue) Level Event and Fate cards, broadening the narrative and gameplay excitement. Zeds are learning to move in new and unexpected ways, catching the citizens of Farmingdale unaware and, at times, unprepared. In a..
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Release: December 2017 In Green Horde, up to six players can join the battle for survival. They’ll combine forces and work cooperatively to accomplish their goals, and against all odds, stay alive. Fans of the Zombicide series have become familiar with the Walkers, Runners, Fatties, and Abominati..
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Release: December 2017 When monolithic beasts rose from the oceans, our military tried to stop them.  As we killed them at great expense and destruction, more kept rising from the depths.  Our world is theirs now.  They roam the landscape as an ever-present threat while the last of us scrounge on..
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Release: October 2017 Maximum Apocalypse is a cooperative roguelike adventure game for 1-6 players. In Maximum Apocalypse, civilization has already fallen. The players are survivors of the apocalypse whose mission is to survive the hostile landscape. The game map is randomly generated and diff..
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Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a standalone expansion for Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game. The game has players at a new colony location trying to survive with new survivors against brand new challenges. Can you handle being raided by members of other colonies? Will you explore more and unra..
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An expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague, Wulfsburg adds new tiles, heroes, equipment, and enemies to the game. Wulfsburg is so named because of the pack of wolves that surround the area, and some of these wolves have been infected by the zombie virus. Included is a new type of Abomination, the W..
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Zombicide is a collaborative game in which players take the role of a survivor – each with unique abilities – and harness both their skills and the power of teamwork against the hordes of unthinking undead! Zombies are predictable, stupid but deadly, controlled by simple rules and a deck of cards. U..
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In an apocalyptic world in which everyone over the age of 18 has turned into a bloodthirsty, flesh-hungry zombie and most youngsters have been served as meat to quell their elders' appetite, a small team of kids and teenagers tries to survive on their own. As part of that small group of survivors, y..
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