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Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game.Destinies: Witchwood is a new expansion for Destinies that adds new scenarios for players to explore. The world is filled with folklore-inspired characters, monsters, and adventures...
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The following Series 2 items ARE INCLUDED in the Booster BoxFinal Girl: Box of PropsFinal Girl: Into the VoidFinal Girl: Panic at Station 2891Final Girl: A Knock at the DoorFinal Girl: Once Upon a Full MoonFinal Girl: Madness in the DarkFinal Girl: S2 Game MatsFinal Girl: S2 Bonus Features BoxFinal ..
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The following Series 2 items ARE INCLUDED in the Franchise BoxFinal Girl Core Box (same Core Box as Series 1 - if you already have one get the S2 BOOSTER Box instead of the Franchise Box)Final Girl: Into the VoidFinal Girl: Panic at Station 2891Final Girl: A Knock at the DoorFinal Girl: Once Upon a ..
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The Last Hundred Yards Vol. 3: The Solomon Islands is the third game in the Last Hundred Yards Series. This game focuses on the vicious and brutal Solomons Campaign, including actions to control the islands of Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and New Georgia.When you play the Solomon Islands Campaign miss..
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Estimated release time: September 2023Dogfight! is the latest game to join the acclaimed Blitzkrieg line of 20-minute games.In Dogfight! two rival aviators of the First World War duel each other with Biplanes across the sky. To defeat your enemy, you must maneuver yourself to get behind them and sho..
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Warren Worthington III was a founding member of the X-Men until the evil Apocalypse transformed him into the Archangel of Death. After a great amount of effort, Angel managed to escape Apocalypse’s influence, but he still struggles to control the powerful—and brutal—Archangel persona within him. Now..
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A powerful telepath and skilled martial artist, Psylocke’s psionic knives can cleave her enemies’ minds as easily as her katanas cut through their armor. As a member of both X-Force and the X-Men, she is willing to go to any lengths—and would even lay down her life—for her team. Now, Psylocke powers..
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Estimated release time: November 2023Join other ambitious guild leaders in mining and developing the famous City of Silver during its period of rapid economic growth and expansion in the 14th century — from the first discovery of silver near the Cistercian monastery to the construction of Kutná Hora..
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Estimated release time: September 2023Age of Innovation is a standalone game set in the world of Terra Mystica.Twelve factions, each with unique characteristics, populate this world of varying terrains. Here you will compete to erect buildings and merge them into cities. Each game allows you to crea..
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Release date 22/6/23An epic dark fantasy world where the fate of the land is decided by the mighty Eikons and the Dominants who wield them. This is the tale of Clive Rosfield, a warrior granted the title “First Shield of Rosaria” and sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, the dominant of the P..
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X-Force has arrived in Marvel Champions: The Card Game! As the game’s sixth campaign expansion, NeXt Evolution adds a pile of classic X-Force characters to the scene, including two new playable heroes, Cable and Domino, each of whom comes with a pre-built deck ready to play from the get-go. Face off..
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Estimated release time: June 2023The POP! vinyl figure stands around 9cm tall.Packed in an illustrated window box...
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The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game features six investigators and contains all of the player cards and customization options featured in the original The Circle Undone cycle of products. Keep your allies’ minds from breaking as the psychologist, Carolyn Fern. S..
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In The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion, one to four investigators delve into the mysteries of Arkham’s past, uncovering its macabre history and the motives of those who dwell in its shadows through eight scenarios, along with a unique prologue scenario. Will these chosen few embrace the fate they h..
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Estimated release time: June 2023For an age past, Elves have departed from the Grey Havens, sailing the western ocean of Middle-earth in beautiful white ships, often never to return. But a storm is brewing on the horizon, and something foul awaits on a forgotten isle of Númenor.In the Dream-chaser C..
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Estimated release time: May 2023Spain, 1936: General Franco and his troops advance through the territories of Spain, giving way to a long period of civil war and repression. After the Spanish Civil War, a group of loyalists to the Republic continued the armed struggle, forming resistance groups bett..
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Estimated release time: September 2023Follow a trail to learn the fate of Professor Kutil and other missing explorers in Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition.In this expansion, you can test the strategies offered by two new leaders, explore new paths to knowledge on two new research tracks, a..
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Estimated release time: July 2023You’ve just taken home your new bookshelf and now it’s time to put your favorite items in the display: books, boardgames, portraits... Who will show the best organized shelfie?..
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Estimated release time: June 2023Relive the fury of air and sea combat in the Pacific during World War II.Direct each plane in multiple fighter and bomber squadrons to lead attacks on the enemy’s carriers and island bases. No dice, no rulers, only dozens of planes and ships! A fast-paced and streaml..
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Estimated release time: July 2023Turing Machine is a fascinating and competitive deduction game. It offers a unique experience of questioning a proto-computer that works without electricity or any sort of technology, paving the way for a new generation of deduction games.The Goal? Find the secret co..
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Estimated release time: July 2023Grab Your Popcorn!Smash Up is back with a rad to the extreme expansion featuring the best in 80’s cinema! Or, as close as we can legally get to it without attracting the attention of some lawyer dude. Get ready to go back in time (again!), rustle some wraiths, burst ..
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Explore award-winning games from an entire generation, exclusive blockbusters from PlayStation Studios, immersive PS VR titles and ground-breaking indies...
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Explore the most loved blockbusters of a whole generation of titles, multi awarded games created for XBOX, new releases and top your skills!..
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