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Privacy Policy - The Game Rules

The Game Rules wants to thank you for your visit to our website and for your interest in our products and the offers we provide. We are committed to respect your privacy and to comply with the data protection and privacy laws. This privacy policy describes how we collect, store and use personal data. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to the collection, processing and use of personal data by the Game Rules, in accordance with the General Rules for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and the following terms of use:

(Please take the time to read this privacy policy text carefully).

Who Is The Controller of Your Personal Data?

The controller is a natural or legal person, a public authority, a service or any other body that alone or jointly with others determines the purposes, conditions and manner of processing personal data. 

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the controller is:

The Game Rules EE

10 Aiantos St., Peristeri, Athens 12133

Phone number: (+30) 215 215 1225


User Rights

You have the right to receive free of charge specific information about the details that The Game Rules has stored for you.

Additionally, you have the following rights:

 - Right of Access: The right to know which personal data we collect and how they are processed.

 - Right to correct personal details: The right to update personal data in the database.

 - Right to delete: The right to delete all your personal information.

When, why and how we process data

We collect, process and store personal data so that we can provide you better services. Below you will find what data we need for each case.

Personal information is information that can directly or indirectly lead to the identification of the person, name and surname, address, telephone, birth date, location information or e-mail address.

Please, only provide as much information as it is necessary.

Personal information we collect when you visit the website

When you visit the site but do not sign up, we collect the following data:

Device data: Device ID, operating system and version running on the device.

Connection details: Time, date, visit duration, user's place of origin, IP address, and other connection details.

This information is collected for us to know about your visit to the website. We restrict data collection to what is absolutely necessary so as to achieve compliance with the data processing principle, which is to minimize data processing.

Personal information we collect when you sign up on the website

All data collected, is processed exclusively for purposes that are specific. If you do not just visit the site but have subscribed to it, we collect the following personal data:

Access data: Username, username, password

Device data: Device ID, operating system and version running on the device or other device IDs.

Connection details: Time, date, visit duration, user's place of origin, IP address, and other login details.

Contact info: Name, Surname, E-mail, Telephone, Address, City, Postcode, Country, Region.

If you provide personal data on behalf of a third party, you must have obtained the approval of the third party before giving this data to us. 

How we process your personal data

We process your personal data for specific purposes, such as:

Processing orders and payments for products you have purchased.

Promotion of our products

Update when a product is available again

Communicate with you via email or text message about our products, competitions, offers, promotions or special events.

Provide support to our customers, answer and communicate with you about your requests.

 Social media

We use social media such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. In this way, data can be retrieved. If you are connected to one of them, the network can map your visit to the site, with the user account. If you are a social network user and you do not want to combine the data retrieved from your visit to our websites, you must first log out of your social network before logging in to them.

Information about cookies

We use cookies to offer you a smoother experience with our web services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored in your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies collect in some instances personal data, with which a person can be identified. Cookies are stored in your browser’s file directory. Next time you visit the site, your browser will read the cookie and relay the information back to the website or element that originally set the cookie. Two types of cookies used are "session-only" and "persistent". "Session-only" cookies are deleted when you end your browser session. "Persistent cookies" remain on your device for the time period set in the cookie after which time they delete themselves. However, these cookies may be renewed every time you visit the website. 

You can review the options available to manage cookies in your browser. 

Right to modify this policy

We may from time to time change this Privacy Policy so as to comply with any legal obligations. We will notify you of any significant changes occur in this Privacy Policy.